Taste O' Music

2023 Music Summer Camp for Kids in Seattle/Bellevue/Mercer Island Area


General Info/Table of Contents:




To enhance childrens' exposure to music and instruments and to create an environment where children can explore and choose the instrument that fits them best. 

 “Music is love in search of a word.” – Sidney Lanier


What is it? 

Specific Instruments include:

flutes oboes

clarinets saxaphones

trumpets violins

trombones cellos

In this engaging 1 week summer camp, kids will try out a variety of 8 different instruments, ranging from flutes to cellos! Rather than looking through a catalog and picking the shiniest or biggest one, kids will be able to spend quality time exploring various musical apparatuses in our engaging summer camp!

Where and When

Our 2023 summer camp will happen in late July and early August. Each session consists of 5 days (3 hrs per day) worth of fun! Location is Northern Mercer Island (The United Methodist Church) and Queen Anne (Queen Anne Lutheran Church). Reserve a spot today!


Session 1:  Starting July 31st, Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm (Mercer Island) **FULL**

  Session 2:  Starting July 31st, Monday-Friday, 1pm-4pm (Mercer Island)

Session 3:  Starting August 7th, Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm (Mercer Island) **FULL**

Session 4:  Starting August 7th, Mon-Friday, 1:30pm-4:30pm (Queen Anne)  *

 *The Queen Anne location is no longer available.

If you have any questions about dates/locations, feel free to contact us at info@tasteomusic.com!


Per Session:   $295

Your Tuition Covers:

Refund policy: 

An 80% refund can be made until 4 weeks before the start of a camp session.

If you cancel between 2-4 weeks before the start of your camp session, then a 30% refund can be made.

If you cancel within 2 weeks before the start of a camp session, no refund can be made.

This is to ensure that we are prepared with necessary staff and instruments for each camp session! Please contact us if you have any questions!


Partial or full scholarships are available. Please contact us for more info.

Who Can Join?

Any incoming 1st-5th graders can attend our 2023 music instrumental camp!

No experience needed! (This camp is solely meant for kids to explore instruments and have fun being around music!) All they need is a willingness to learn and have fun!

Why come to our camp?

Get your kid involved in an instrument from a young age. They will be able to take away that musical knowledge and experience and use it for the rest of their lives!

At Taste O' Music's Summer Camps, kids can try out different instruments to find out which one they like the best! We take away the hassle of having to figure out which instrument your kid wants to pursue so that you don't have to worry about finding the most suitable instrument for your child!


Do you struggle with motivating your kid to practice their instrument? Here's why:

In order for kids to posses the motivation to make progress and practice daily, they must be genuinly interested in their instrument. At Taste O' Music, kids can explore various musical apparatuses before officially pursuing them, which is beneficial! In this camp, kids can finally get the musical exposure to find instruments they are riveted by and passionate about without having to commit to something like private lessons, so sign your kid up today!

Additional Info

Safety/COVID Protocols: In between each use, instrument mouthpieces, handles, and keys will be sanitized with certified instrument sanitizer sprays and wipes. 

Our COVID protocols are similar to public schools' COVID protocols. Masks will be optional for campers and counselors. Campers must show no COVID-19 symptoms upon arrival at camp each day. 

Group sizes: Each mini group will consist of a 3 camper to 1 counselor ratio so kids can get the attention and guidance they need to have a fun and memorable experience!

This will also allow for social distancing and minimize overcrowding and the risk of exposure of viruses.

What Makes Us Unique

There is a 1 to 1 child to instrument ratio, so kids can actually get the hands on experience they need to be able to choose the instrument they want to pursue in the future! We guarantee that there's no other camp out there like us!

Who We Are :)

Taste O' Music is run by a group of dedicated high schoolers from Mercer Island High School. We have all been playing in school band or orchestra for 5+ years and are dedicated to being fun, engaging mentors to help your kid have fun and learn about what music has to offer!


Taste O' Music guarantees the best customer service and camp experience we can offer. You and your camper comes first!



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